Future DOS R&D Inc.

Products and Services

We are in the business of providing advanced engineering design, integration, quality assurance validation, training, network computing & control resource-development, real-time signal processing, image data processing, scientific & engineering problem solving, computer modeling & simulation, network systems design and system integration for the electrical, gas and water utilities and related industries.

Traditionally, our services have been utilized in the areas of utility restructuring and amalgamation, strategic planning, power engineering, telecommunications network design, reliability assessment and improvement to energy services. We are recognized experts in our field and are well known in the utility industry. Together with our affiliates we gained vast experiences and skills by providing customized, specialized, research, development, consulting services and training to utilities, meter manufacturers and middle ware AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) companies. Our work has benefited large companies and utilities such as Schlumberger Industries, Itron, G.E. Multilin, Ontario Hydro (Hydro One), Sudbury Hydro Electric Commission, Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), Measurement Canada, York University and Itres Research.

Future DOS' strength is that it possesses expertise in many fields relevant to the operation of a utility accompanied by an intimate knowledge of the industry and its key players in North America. Additional expertise is available to through alliances, whereby we augment our capabilities with the skill set of our affiliates to bring the best of service to you our clients.

Our willingness to share our knowledge with the industry is evidenced by the many published technical papers, documents and book contributions on communication, database management, audit-trail systems, real-time processing and standards organizations; such as ANSI/NEMA, IEEE/SCC31 and IEC . However, from time-to-time we are called upon to develop and deliver leading edge, advance and strategic solutions, which may not lend themselves to disclosure or they may require us to operate under our client's banners and flags.

We do our utmost best to serve the interest of the industry and our clients with a purpose of becoming the enablers of plug & play metering solution providers for you to watch it at work.