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The Energy Communications Management eXchange® (ECMX®) Registry is now operational. The Registry is a globally accessible resource in support of metering standards and protocols identifiers. Through ECMX®, FDOS aims to be the leading source for utility metering information by providing real time and actionable data using standardised registered data models and meter profiles. With the availability of an official Registry, Utilities can start to deploy, operate and maintain their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and their Smart Meter assets using non-proprietary technologies.

Future DOS enables the industry by providing professional services, workshops and seminars at many industry trade shows, expositions, symposiums and conferences. Future DOS' workshops and tutorials received the highest performance acclaim by the industry.

FDOS is now offering regular and special courses in StandardAMI, Electricity 101 for software developers, Audit-trail management using ANSI C12.19-2012/IEEE Std 1377™-2011, ANSI C12.22-2012/IEEE Std 1703™-2011, ANSI C12.18-2006/IEEE Std 1701™-2011, ANSI C12.21-2006/IEEE Std 1702™-2011 and Internet IETF RFC 6142. We also offer conformance tests for the above standards. Please contact us to obtain more information on conformance testing, End-device certification, training and consulting. Also visit ECMX® for information on registering your products.

Future DOS launched its Utility Industry StandardAMI Certification Program where Utilities, Vendors and Users can submit their IEEE 1377 / ANSI C12.19 / MC12.19 metering devices and associated communication modules for conformance testing, verification and certification.

Future DOS expanded its Utility Industry StandardAMI Certification Program to include communication protocols, such as IEEE 1703 / ANSI C12.22 / MC12.22, IEEE 1701 / ANSI C12.18 / MC1218 and IEEE 1702 / ANSI C12.21 / MC12.21 and IETF RFC 6142 Internet/IP conformance testing, verification and certification.

October 2015
IP Test Harness
IEEE Std 1703 / ANSI C12.22 / MC12.22 IP Test Harness & IEEE Std 1377 / ANSI C12.19 / MC12.19 Tables viewer.

Future DOS R&D Inc. releases the first ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703 / MC12.22 implementation for the Android Phone/Tablet Mobile C12.22 Node. This implementation was demonstrated to communicate efficiently and seamlessly with IEEE Std 1377 / ANSI C12.19 based Smart meters data using the global IEEE Std 1703 / ANSI C12.22 Metering Infrastructure..

February 2014
Future DOS R&D Inc. launches the ECMX® Registry.
Game-Changing Global Energy End Device AMI Registry Launches, Increases Efficiency for Utility Regulators, Operators and Manufacturers.

The "Energy Communications Management Exchange®", ECMX®, is the official Registrar and conformance testing agent for ANSI C12.19 / IEEE Std 1377™ and ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703™ standards. ECMX maintains a repository of the End Device Classes (device design data models), Network-node Application Titles Names, Security Mechanism Protocol Names and Electronic Serial Numbers (ESNs). The repository includes all information that pertains to the registered content and uniquely assigned object identifiers (OIDs). The registry contains both the ECMX certified content library (that is directly traceable to the ANSI C12.19, IEEE Std 1377, ANSI C12.22 and IEEE Std 1703 standards).

March 2011
IETF publishes FDOS' RFC 6142 for ANSI C12.22, IEEE 1703, and MC12.22 Transport Over IP.

FDOS RFC 6142 applies to the operational details of Section 5, "C12.22 Node to C12.22 Network Segment Details", of ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703™, and covers the mapping, encoding, and interpreting of ANSI C12.19 / IEEE Std 1377™ Device Network Table Elements and Native Addresses for use on IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

January 16, 2006

Future DOS launches the Utility Industry Standard Tables accreditation program. Utilities, Manufacturers and users of IEEE 1377 / ANSI C12.19 / MC1219 standards are invited to submit their meters, meter readers, table sets and related communication systems for testing, verification and accreditation.

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