Change the way you deploy utility metering solutions by sharing in
Future DOS´ vision for AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure).

Our new, integrated distributed AMI framework is 100% standards based. It is designed to enable the electricity, gas and water industries to share the benefits of plug-and-play AMI technologies at all levels. Future DOS takes a fresh look at AMR, DR and AMI from the ground-up, while providing to utilities, meter manufacturers and middle-ware AMR vendors documentation, consulting, training, solutions and deployment strategies that are suitable for utilities of all types and sizes.

Advances in metering and monitoring technology over the last two decades have led to the introduction of a bewildering array of proprietary communications equipment and protocols. AMI users are faced with onerous choices of data retrieval and processing products and services. Thus they may not always take advantage of competitive purchasing practices, thereby being locked-in with one technology, forsaking the benefits of competition.

Future DOS is a leader to industry and trade organizations who facilitated through innovation and disclosure the creation of common data transmission and encapsulation protocols that are integrated into communication protocols standards for the electricity, gas and water industries.


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