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Internationaly recognized for providing advanced engineering design, integration, consulting and training programs in support of electrical power measurement, network computer resource development, real-time signal processing, image data processing, scientific/engineering problem solving, computer modeling/simulation, network system design and system integration.

We utilize Ph.D. level, Masters level and qualified Engineering specialists to conduct our work. Together we provide a balance of talent, training and practical expertise in the areas of meter hardware architecture design, AMR (Automated Meter Reading) software and firmware design; and project management.

Our experienced national and international team brings a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge to electrical utilities and manufacturers on AMR and Network implementation; ranging from the design of poly-phase and single-phase fully electronic meters to advanced architecture of AMR Master Stations and communication systems for ANSI C12 based meters. Future DOS is the author and producer of the MC/ANSI/IEEE "Standard Data Communication Protocol for Electronic Metering User’s Guide" and the related testing and audit trail implementation guides. We take on an active leadership role through participation in the data communication working group of the "Measurement Canada Task Force on Data Communications Protocol for Electronic Metering Devices"; the joint working group of data communication protocols for electricity metering (IEEE Std 1377/ANSI-C12.19/MC12.19) and contributed through the Standards Council of Canada from 2000 to 2005 by participating internationally on IEC/TC13/WG14.

Following the publication (2012) of ANSI C12.19 / IEEE Std 1377 / MC12.19 (Utility Industry End Device Data Tables) and ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703 / MC12.22 (Local Area Network/Wide Area Network LAN/WAN Node Communication Protocol Complement to the Utility Industry End Device Data Tables), we opened (2014) the Energy Communications Management Exchange® (ECMX®), a sub-division of Future DOS Research & Development Inc, providing Registrar services for standards.

As advocates for testing and certification, we released in 2015 the first ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703 / MC12.22 implementation for the Android Phone/Tablet Mobile C12.22 Node. This implementation was demonstrated to communicate efficiently and seamlessly with IEEE Std 1377 / ANSI C12.19 based Smart meters data using the global IEEE Std 1703 / ANSI C12.22 Metering Infrastructure.

Supporting conformance testing we developed a testing plan for the above standards and created the tools (IEEE 1703 / C12.22 / MC12.22 IP Test Harness) as platform independent solutions that provide a rich set of functionalities, which are needed by conformance testing entities in the conduct of tests and verification of Smart Meters. The tools were quickly expanded to include support for IEEE Std 1377® / ANSI C12.19 / MC12.19 Table and the visualization of registered device classes and their data models. These tools and an SDK are now available from ECMX®.

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